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The stories so far...

It’s Hallowe’en and the veils between the worlds are thin. Bun is being haunted by the Bunmonger so Ruby and Mavis call on the ancestors to help them out.  Amethyst and her seashark madrigal choir help ease the pressure, as does Alfie Kitchen with his table trick, but it will take Diamond Lil and the Jailbird Hula Gang to help Bun find the courage to face his predator.


Premiered October 2009 at Clerkenwell Theatre, London

It’s Imbolc, the turning point from winter to spring, but spring doesn't seem to be springing. The ground is too hard to bury Bun's toe, Zircon's sheep won't give milk and the Great Eastern glacier is rumbling towards the Night Kitchen. It’s a nasty case of the Imbolc Blues and Ruby’s got her work cut out to find a cure...


Premiered Feb 2011 at Clerkenwell Theatre, London

Ruby Kitchen is running a cabaret show from her kitchen table, and everyone wants their moment in the spotlight. Uncle Ernie, tragically turned into an eel, has some haiku to get off his chest; Anastasia Tonsilevska, the dead prima donna, wants a solo; and Amethyst Kitchen, Ruby's pirate grandmother, has weighed anchor to share the mysteries of shark charming...

Premiered June 2007 at The Luna Lounge with development at the 491 Gallery, London

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The Imbolc Blues

Bun & the Space Arachnids:

A Hallowe'en Special

The Night Kitchen Cabaret

- the debut!

Granite & the Heartbreak Charms


Granite the traffic warden is sick with heartbreak so Emerald Kitchen, private eye, is leaning on some leprechaun contacts for a heartbreak charm. Sapphire Cuisine has dropped in from Paris with tales of her Dark Past, and the genetically modified Chicken Supremes are on their way...

Premiered August 2008 at The Water Poet, London

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