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A superb slice of fringe theatre that is fantastic in both senses of the word... imagination oozing from every pore.  Stick around after the show for special Imbolc cocktails, practice haikus with an eel or learn some hula hoop skills with the corporate sponsors Circularity Thinking...There are plenty of thrills thanks to an energetic cast, a cracking pace and no end of invention. As Ruby Kitchen, Roses Urquhart does a slap-up job of keeping this rollercoaster on the rails despite its multiple tangents.  Specialists like ace juggler Mat Ricardo, dancer Gwyn Emberton and diva Kristina Mansbridge add quality turns within the plot to great effect.'


Franco Milazzo, The Londonist

Supper clubs and sarcastic compères may be the bread and butter of British cabaret, but they’re by no means the sum total of the scene. Predating challenging experiments like The Animals and Children Took to the Streets and The Blue Lady Sings, Night Kitchen Cabaret has been toying with the limits of the genre since 2007. As evidenced by The Imbolc Blues, the group’s fourth feature-length effort, no other company has accomplished such a thorough integration of cabaret and theatre...In dramatic terms, the show’s feel-good ending and traditional light-hearted comedy make a successful counterpoint to its ingenious structure and bold language statements. Whether you call it post-modern vaudeville or immersive theatre, The Imbolc Blues is a concentrated dose of fun and frolic, at once sophisticated and accessible. Keep an eye out for episode five, because the Kitchen is not closing early, and bound to be in high demand.


C.J.Lazaretti, The Erotic Review

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Brilliant! We laughed til we cried.


Brenna Duncan, The Other Side magazine

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