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The Iceland Line

Night Kitchen Cabaret stalwarts Ruby Kitchen and Mavis Trinkett have lost their pet pigeon.  A search of the London Underground turns up a mysterious tube line that leads all the way to Iceland...


Featuring music from The Baghdaddies and The Thunderbirds.

Circularity Thinking

A six minute satire on corporate culture from the NKC 'corporate sponsor' Circularity Thinking


Economic times are tough, but Scottish business visionary Shona Campbell has an answer, and it's hoop-shaped. From her glossy executive office, Shona candidly relates the meteoric rise of her company.


Extraordinary hula-hooping, glamorous corporate locations and a pulsing soundtrack combine in a riotous business manifesto that will delight anyone who has spent time in an office.


Directed and produced by Lucia Zoro and Roses Urquhart, 'Circularity Thinking' was funded by a Hitchcock Film Award.

Moldavite's Taste for Space

Back in the day nobody knew Moldavite Kitchen had a taste for space...


A two minute story by Roses Urquhart with music by Dafna Dekel

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